About us

Florian Prix (right) – runs a company by the name of cat-x exhibitions, which provides worldwide services in the field of media technology and interactivity for exhibitions, museums and art projects. When Florian isn’t hanging around in museums or coming up with weird solutions for projector mountings, he designs and builds Kaulbach amps or fixes vintage tube gear. He also likes to compose, arrange and produce for others and his own musical project “The Bunny Situation”. And he likes to play the guitar. This is convenient because – while not flashiest player on Kaulbachstrasse – he is available 24/7 for amp testing.

Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky (left) – runs AWS designteam, his own industrial design company, which has received numerous awards over the past years. Adam is also trained carpenter, manic wood worker and a luthier who designs and builds his own line of MADA guitars. Additionally, he plays guitar and bass in different line-ups, most notably Mind.In.A.Box with which he has toured extensively over the past years.


Ampcat – hangs around while pretending to be helpful

The idea for Kaulbach amps came about, by accident, in 2012 when Adam played some of his demos to Florian. Florian then volunteered to produce Adam’s album and so the “Gotamen” project was born. He took care of most of the arrangement work and laid down some additional guitar tracks, using a VST plugin, which emulates a Fender amp. Once it was time to gig, ironically, the idea was to find a tube amp, which emulates a VST plugin, which emulates a tube amp. And so a kit of a Blackface Princeton clone was bought. Florian put it together and was hooked. Many different prototypes followed and