Kaulbach Ampflification builds tube amplifiers for the common electric guitar and other electronic instruments.

All amplifiers and cabinets and are entirely hand built to customer specification.

We have a line of designs and prototypes to work off of which covers an extremely diverse tonal spectrum. Our customers are free to either have one of these reproduced or adapted to taste. Every amplifier will be handcrafted to order – so we are more than happy to build unique circuit and cabinet design based on individual customer requests regarding tone and features.

We have been asked numerous times why we won’t go into mass production. The answer is rather simple: why would we want to compete with the big names? If you want a Marshall or Fender, go out and buy one. These are truly fantastic amplifiers, much like many of the boutique manufacturers out there. What you see is what you get, which can be a perfect match or, sometimes, a compromise of sorts.

At Kaulbach Amplification we work very, very hard to eliminate any potential compromise. Whatever sounds and feels best is what we will try to achieve.

But be warned: we have gained a reputation for building amps with almost unreal definition, transparency and dynamics. You will actually hear the player and the instrument, more so than with any stock amplifier we have encountered.

We have also heard that our amps are hard to dial in, simply because the dynamic range and clarity will freak out players who have gotten accustomed to stock gear. Yes, the interactivity of the controls and the dynamics can be daunting at first, but in the end, after hunting down one’s personal sweet spots, we believe that these aspects contribute to an unsurpassed musical experience.